#Notmypresident in South Korea

Koreans burn candles during protest against president in Seoul, AFP photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Hundreds of thousands of Koreans burn candles in protest against Park

Today, 11:38

In the South Korean capital Seoul, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators again took to the streets demanding the resignation of the discredited President Park Geun-hye. Because of the corruption scandal around the president protesters came for the fifth consecutive weekend.

According to the organizers, 800,000 people have responded to the call to protest. So far, the hour-long protests in downtown Seoul where protesters lit candles have always been peaceful.

Corruption affair

President Park is said to have allowed a confidante to exert considerable influence on policy and the appointment of ministers. This woman abused her relationship with the president to force companies to give money to funds that were managed by her. The confidante has been arrested, along with two other Park employees, and these three have been indicted.

President Park has twice apologized for the affair, but refuses to resign.

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