South Korean artists blacklisted for opposing corrupt president

This video says about itself:

Hallway News: Can you be Blacklisted as an Artist by the Korean Government?

29 December 2016

Months ago, I thought the bombshell announcement of a blacklist of Korea’s artists would get President Park impeached. Well, apparently it had to take the Choi Soon-sil scandal to get to an impeachment vote. But will the blacklist of some of your favorite artists like Cannes Award-winning film director Park Chan-wook be the smoking gun that removes President Park from office?

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

South Korea: Artists blacklisted for supporting the wrong party

Friday 30th December 2016

SOUTH KOREA’S burgeoning investigation into corruption in impeached President Park Geun Hye’s administration spread to the arts yesterday with claims that thousands of artists were blacklisted for political reasons.

Ambassador to France Mo Chul Min, who was education and culture secretary in 2013-14, was summoned by police for questioning about the blacklist, by which actors, theatre directors, painters and musicians were prevented from using state venues and denied financial support.

Former culture minister Yoo Jin Ryong alleges that Mr Mo passed the blacklist to his ministry, while Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang Hyeon has reported government pressure not to display art satirising Ms Park.

Mr Yoo accuses current Culture Minister Cho Yoon Sun of having created the blacklist, but she denies any knowledge of it.

Some of South Korea’s most influential cultural figures, including film director Park Chan Wook and poet Ko Un, were apparently blacklisted for activities such as signing a statement critical of the government’s conduct during 2014’s lethal ferry disaster or publicly backing opposition candidates during elections.

Investigators looking into claims that President Park’s shady guru Choi Soon Sil extorted money from businesses in return for political favours also summoned Samsung sports marketing director Jim Jae Youl for questioning yesterday.

He is accused of sponsoring Ms Choi.

And they have also requested an arrest warrant be issued for former health minister Moon Hyung Pyo, who is charged with putting pressure on the National Pension Service to back a merger deal between two Samsung affiliates despite it costing the fund hundreds of millions of pounds.

South Korean minister arrested, accused of blacklisting cultural figures: here.

9 thoughts on “South Korean artists blacklisted for opposing corrupt president

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  7. Friday 28th July 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    IMPEACHED president Park Geun Hye’s former chief of staff and culture minister were jailed yesterday for blacklisting thousands of artists.

    Prosecutors said 9,000 actors, film and theatre directors, writers, musicians and painters were were unjustly excluded from government funding or participating in government-backed culture projects because they were seen as unfriendly to Ms Park.

    Judges agreed, with the Seoul Central District Court sentencing former aide Kim Ki Choon to three years and former culture minister Kim Jong Deok to two years for abuse of authority and other charges.

    Five other former presidential and government officials were sentenced to shorter or suspended prison terms in the case.

    The case stemmed from a complaint by a group of artists last year.

    Kim Ki Choon, who served as Park’s chief of staff between 2013 and 2015, was found guilty of orchestrating the creation of the blacklist and ordering the Culture Ministry to use the list to deny the artists state support.

    Kim Jong Deok was also found guilty of pressuring a senior ministry official to resign for angering Ms Park. The official was reinstated by new President Moon Jae In.

    Ms Park, daughter of assassinated anti-communist dictator Park Chung Hee, was impeached and arrested in April.

    She is charged with allowing her co-defendant and childhood friend Choi Soon Sil to decide government policy and solicit tens of millions in donations to her bogus charities from big businesses.


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