4 thoughts on “South Korean general strike today

  1. Friday 9th December 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Parliament brings in motion to oust her

    SOUTH KOREAN President Park Geun Hye could be on the skids as early as today after the opposition-controlled parliament introduced an impeachment motion against her yesterday.

    An impeachment vote must, constitutionally speaking, take place within 24 to 72 hours and today is the final day of the current parliamentary regular session.

    The motion needs two-thirds approval in the 300-seat single-chamber parliament to be carried.

    Opposition and anti-Park independents have 172 seats and they appear to have secured enough support from ruling party dissenters to secure impeachment.

    If the motion is passed, the Constitutional Court will have up to 180 days to determine whether to formally end her presidency.

    During that time Ms Park would be suspended as president but not removed, with her duties, including commander in chief of the military, temporarily transferred to the prime minister until the court reaches a decision on whether her impeachment is constitutional.

    Prosecutors accuse President Park of collusion in the criminal activities of longtime confidante Choi Soon Sil to manipulate government affairs and extort businesses.

    Ms Choi and two of the president’s former aides linked to the scandal have already been indicted.

    President Park, who has immunity from prosecution while in office, has refused to meet prosecutors investigating the scandal.

    She has apologised publicly for the scandal three times and acknowledged receiving help from Ms Choi in editing her speeches and with unspecified “public relations” matters, but she denies involvement in her friend’s alleged criminal activities.

    Hundreds of thousands of people demanding her dismissal have rallied near the Blue House presidential palace for six straight Saturdays.

    An opinion poll released yesterday showed 78 per cent backing for Ms Park’s impeachment.

    She is the daughter of late dictator Park Chung Hee, who seized power with US support and ruled the country for 18 years until his 1979 assassination. Ms Choi’s father Choi Tae Min was a cult leader who served as Ms Park’s mentor until his death in 1994.

    The president’s ties with corruption-linked Mr Choi have always dogged her political career.

    She has been criticised for maintaining ties with the Choi family and lacking transparency on key decisions.



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