South Korean lack of workers’ rights

An Amnesty International report, entitled “Disposable labour: Rights of migrant workers in South Korea,” documents the abhorrent working conditions of immigrants: here.

Korean tyre workers reject restructure: here.

The badly mutilated body of high school student Kim Chu Yol was discovered by a fisherman in the southern city of Masan, South Korea, this week in 1960. Yol was one of five youths who “disappeared” in March after joining protests in Masan against the rigged reelection of Syngman Rhee in the March 16 national vote. Seven were killed in protests against the elections, which were characterized by intimidation and ballot-rigging: here.

Mass riots and protests resulted in scores of deaths and the collapse of the US-backed dictatorship of Singman Rhee in South Korea this week in 1960: here.

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