Turkish border guards murder Syrian refugee women, children

This video says about itself:

Stop shooting! Turkish border guards continue to shoot, beat and kill Syrian refugees – HRW

10 May 2016

Turkish border guards are continuing to shoot and abuse Syrian refugees who are crossing into the country, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW). The rights group, citing the deaths of several asylum seekers, has called on Ankara to investigate. “Firing at traumatized men, women, and children fleeing fighting and indiscriminate warfare is truly appalling,” said Human Rights Watch researcher Gerry Simpson.

From The New Arab:

Turkish troops kill nine Syrian refugees crossing the border

19 June, 2016

Nine members of one family, most of them women and children were killed on Saturday night by Turkish border guards, and eight others were injured.

The Syrian refugees were attempting to cross the border into Turkey near the town of Kherbet Eljoz, northwest of the city of Idlib, north Syria.

“Several families from the city of Jarablus, north east of the city of Aleppo and Idlib tried to cross the border on Saturday night towards Turkey,” a source from the town who wished to remain anonymous told The New Arab.

“Turkish border guards opened fire on them indiscriminately, killing nine people and wounding eight others”, he said.

“The dead are all from one family – three children, four women and a man displaced from the city of Jarablus. They fled the city when they heard the fighting near them,” according to the source.

This is not the first time that displaced Syrians have been killed by Turkish border guards.  Activists have documented the killing of at least fifty people in the past few months.

The UN and other humanitarian organisations have condemned actions taken by Turkey against Syrian refugees with Doctors Beyond Borders calling on the Turkish government to open its borders to thousands fleeing the conflict in Syria.

THE Turkish parliament passed a law on Thursday night granting impunity from prosecution to troops involved in the brutal crackdown on Kurdish cities: here.

26 thoughts on “Turkish border guards murder Syrian refugee women, children

  1. Tuesday 21st June 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    AMNESTY International and other human rights groups used World Refugee Day yesterday to slam the recent EU-Turkey refugee deal and the conditions in which refugees live in Turkey.

    Amnesty’s Turkey branch told a press conference in central Istanbul that all countries ought to take greater responsibility in protecting refugees.

    Instead of increasing the means by which refugees could safely and legally enter Europe, “the EU made unlawful agreements with Turkey in order to stem the tide of migration,” Amnesty said.

    Thousands of refugees have lost their lives on the perilous sea journey to Europe.

    An EU-Turkey agreement reached in March allows Greece to return Syrian asylum-seekers to Turkey without evaluation of their protection claims on the basis that it is a “safe third country.”

    Amnesty charged that, in order to limit refugees crossing into Greece by sea in keeping with the EU agreement, Turkey had increased unlawful detentions and was forcibly returning them to Syria or pressing them to return “voluntarily.”

    It called on Ankara to provide refugees with a means to a basic livelihood — jobs, health services and education — and urged the EU to immediately stop sending refugees back to Turkey.

    New York-based Human Rights Watch urged the EU to evaluate Syrian refugees’ protection claims before returning them to Turkey, citing a lack of refugee rights and necessities to create a decent life.

    “It is hardly surprising that many are not getting the support they desperately need to maintain livelihoods,” considering Turkey is host to over two million Syrian refugees, said Stephanie Gee of HRW.



  2. YPG: Turkish army attacked villages of Kobanê

    YPG Media Center reported that Turkish army continued its attacks on the lands of Rojava (West) Kurdistan.

    YPG (People’s Defense Units) Media Center stated that fascist gang groups operating within the body of Syrian National Coalition continued their joint attacks on Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo.

    Accordingly, gang groups attacked the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood with mortars and hell cannons on June 23rd. YPG units launched an operation in retaliation to this attack, which left 2 gang members dead.

    Remarking that Turkish military attacks on Rojava continued, YPG said Turkish forces bombed the village of
    Korelî to the west of Kobanê town at 16:30 on June 23rd.

    During last night, Turkish military also attacked the YPG positions in Ashme village to the west of Kobanê with heavy weaponry.

    At the night of June 23rd, ISIS gangs conducted an aggression with heavy weaponry targeting the Ziyaret village to the west of Kobanê.

    Source: NEWS DESK – ANF 25-06-2016


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