Turkish government kills Syrian refugees

This video says about itself:

Turkey fires teargas at Syrian refugees

21 September 2014

Turkish security forces fired tear gas and water cannons on Sunday to disperse relatives of refugees fleeing violence from Islamic State militants in northern Syria.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

November 20, 2014, 11:26

The flow of Syrian refugees to Turkey, according to Amnesty International, led to a huge crisis. At the border, refugees are forced to return and border guards have killed at least seventeen refugees, the human rights organization writes in a report.

According to Amnesty, Turkey has major problems to provide hundreds of thousands of refugees with the most basic needs. That means that many of them have been left in the lurch and now have to live in poverty.

“The humanitarian assistance from the international community has been alarmingly little, but Turkey must also do more.” Andrew Gardner, Amnesty International

See also here.

More than 200 Syrian civil war refugees started a hunger strike in front of Greece’s parliament on Monday, urging the government to grant them temporary working and residence rights. The protesters began gathering last week in Athens’s main square, complaining that refugees were being forced to pay exorbitant black-market rates to live in squalid flats in Athens: here.

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