Refugees banned from German swimming pool

Aryans only German park bench

This photo shows a park bench in nazi Germany; saying ‘For Aryans only’.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

The swimming pool of the German town Bornheim will not allow any more male refugees to come in. According to local media in recent days, some women in the pool were harassed by men from refugee centers in the area. According to the police no crimes have been committed, but there was talk of sexually sounding comments.

And of course, as we all know, German men, blue-eyed and blond all of them, never ever make any sexually sounding comments. Not to German women. Not to refugee women, who at the moment are still not banned from the Bornheim swimming pool. [sarcasm off]

[A swimming pool employee said:] I know this is unjust to most refugees

According to the mayor after ‘Cologne‘ nothing is the same as before. He refers to the mass harassment of women on New Year’s Eve in the center of the city.

According to provisional Cologne police lists of suspects, the great majority of suspects of theft and harassment in Cologne are not refugees. Let alone refugees from Bornheim. However, perhaps I expect too much logic of this mayor in a climate of xenophobic madness.

Marcel Zech's Nazi tattoo in German swimming pool, photo Facebook/Alexander Marguier

It would better to ban nazis like this one with his concentration camp and SS-praising tattoos from German swimming pools, instead of non-criminal refugees.

Nazis bullying people 'guilty of interracial sex', Cuxhaven, Germany, 1933

Danish nightclubs ‘ban’ refugees using language rules after sexual harassment complaints: here.

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