Refugees’ bad conditions in Dunkirk, France

This video says about itself:

25 November 2015

War refugee camp in Dunkirk, France, winter is approaching!

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

France: Conditions deteriorating for refugees at Dunkirk camp

Tuesday 5th January 2016

THE RED CROSS warned yesterday that conditions at a refugee camp outside Dunkirk are deteriorating due to wet winter weather.

The warning came after volunteers from the French and British Red Cross Societies distributed 1,300 emergency supply parcels to the Grande-Synthe site.

Home to between 2,600 and 3,000 people, the camp is the biggest outside the Calais “Jungle” and has grown significantly in recent weeks.

Most refugees there are Iraqi and Syrian Kurds, including many families with children. There is little access to toilets, showers or clean water.

A report on the organisation’s website yesterday said that the recent spate of wet weather had made conditions there unhygienic and dangerous.

“People are surviving on very little,” said Red Cross head of UK planning response Simon Lewis. “There’s no electricity, heating or waste management.”

“The lack of toilets and showers mean people are living in appalling and inhumane conditions.”

Refugee crisis: Police block aid to French camp ‘far worse’ than Calais Jungle. By-law prompts desperate appeals for help amid detoriating conditions at Grande-Synthe near Dunkirk: here.

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