Don’t bomb Syria, Labour party conference says

This video from Britain says about itself:

Jeremy Corbyn on Syria, Trident and his Jamaican youth

30 September 2015

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn tells Jon Snow why he isn’t convinced the RAF should carry out bombing raids in Syria, that he doesnt know how many MPs oppose renewing the UK’s Trident nuclear weapon and that he spent his youth in Jamaica.

By Luke James in Britain:

Labour MPs told: Don’t bomb Syria

Thursday 1st October 2015

No air strikes without UN backing, says conference

LABOUR members issued clear instructions to their representatives in Parliament yesterday not to sanction air strikes on Syria without UN authorisation.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell called for a free vote if PM David Cameron stages a second vote on bombing Syria.

But conference backed a Unite motion demanding that MPs oppose intervention without stringent safeguards.

Proposing the motion, Unite delegate Ivan Monckton said: “It’s time to get behind diplomacy and end the Syrian civil war.

“Labour must once more stand up for peace and against another Cameron war. Now is the time for peacemongers not warmongers.”

The resolution will not be binding on MPs.

Meanwhile Mr Corbyn created a stir after stating that he would never push the nuclear button if he becomes prime minister.

Unleashing nuclear weapons would be “immoral,” Labour’s leader said as the shafted debate over Trident renewal continued to be a blot on an otherwise upbeat conference.

Asked whether he would launch a nuclear strike if he was in No 10, Mr Corbyn answered: “Would anybody press the nuclear button?”

“They’re the ultimate weapon of mass destruction that can only kill millions of civilians if ever used,” he added.

“I am totally and morally opposed to nuclear weapons. I do not see them as a defence.”

Seeking to prevent a war of words, Mr Corbyn pointed out the vote over Trident renewal was not for another year and pledged to “live with” the party’s decision.

But he branded nuclear weapons a cold war relic that “didn’t do the US much good” on September 11 2001.

UK Labour conference ends with attacks on Corbyn over nuclear weapons and Syria: here.

Calls to bomb Syria are motivated by a mixture of fear and a thirst for retribution rather than by ‘solidarity,’ writes ALAN SIMPSON: here.

25 thoughts on “Don’t bomb Syria, Labour party conference says

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  3. Friday 20th November 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    LABOUR MPs who break the party whip to back bombs in Syria are not rebelling against Jeremy Corbyn but party policy, Diane Abbott said yesterday.

    Ms Abbott reminded MPs that Labour conference voted in September that the party should only support bombing if it won backing from the UN security council.

    The Hackney North MP, who has voted against the Labour whip dozens of times as a backbencher, advised colleagues to “vote with their conscience.”

    But she said: “They will be defying party policy which was only passed a few months ago. They will have to explain it to party members.”

    Her comments came as Blairite backbencher Mike Gapes said he would back bombing.


  4. Saturday 21st November 2015

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    LABOUR MPs threatening to defy the whip to back air strikes in Syria do not have the support of most party members, a poll revealed yesterday.

    Some 64 per cent of 2,500 supporters surveyed by Labour List still oppose military action in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

    The result is a huge boost to leader Jeremy Corbyn as he seeks to quell a rebellion of up to 60 by Blairite hawks.

    Yesterday, Chuka Umunna became the latest to suggest that he would rebel, saying Labour MPs should put their own principles above party loyalties.

    Up to 60 Labour MPs, including front-bench figures, are prepared to help the government win a vote on bombing.

    Mr Corbyn insists, though, that Labour will not back action without a United Nations mandate and will launch a staunch defence of his position today in a speech at the party’s south-west regional conference.

    He will say that Britain must break with US foreign policy to form “a more independent relationship with the rest of the world. A relationship where war is a last resort.

    “For the past 14 years, Britain has been at the centre of a succession of disastrous wars that have brought devastation to large parts of the wider Middle East,” he will add.

    “They have increased, not diminished, the threats to our own national security in the process.”

    Mr Corbyn will also call on his MPs to “focus everything” on demonstrating that Labour has a “viable and credible alternative,” insisting that he is “convinced we can build a coalition of electoral support that can beat the Tories in five years’ time.”


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