Buh bye British Blairite Hilary Benn

Jeremy Corbyn, Tony Benn, Hilary Benn and war

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Brexit: Hilary Benn sacked by Jeremy Corbyn as shadow foreign secretary with Labour shadow cabinet members to quit

26 June 2016

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn insisted he has no intention of resigning. “Jeremy Corbyn is the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party and will remain so,” the spokesman said.

Mr Benn, the son of Tony Benn who was one of Mr Corbyn’s old mentors, said there was “widespread” worry among Labour MPs and in the shadow Cabinet over Mr Corbyn’s ability to win a snap election in the wake of David Cameron’s resignation.

When there was another referendum about British European Union membership, in 1975, Tony Benn led the anti-EU membership side, with left arguments. Unfortunately, Hilary Benn, though physically a son of Tony Benn, is spiritually a son of warmonger and money-grabber Tony Blair. Disloyal to Labour party policy as decided democratically, he supported David Cameron’s Conservatives in starting a bloody bombing campaign of civilians in Syria.

Now, Blairite right-wingers in the Labour party hatch anti-Corbyn coup plots, because Corbyn, though advocating a Remain vote in the referendum, did not do so while claiming fanatically there are not any problems with the European Union, and did not do so in a joint campaign with (now, ex-)Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Blairites base themselves on the fiction that, if there would have been a Labour leader more right-wing than Corbyn, who would have pretended there was supposedly not anything wrong about the European Union, and who would have campaigned jointly with Cameron to remain in the European Union, then working class traditional Labour voters, like in Blairite (and racist, and anti-Corbyn putschist) Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge’s Barking constituency, who voted massively for leaving the European Union, would have voted pro-European Union, and Britain would have remained a member.

Look at Scotland to see how absurd that Blairite view is. There, ultra-Blairite Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy and ex-right-wing Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown campaigned together with Cameron’s Conservatives against Scottish independence. That gave the Scottish National Party a chance to depict Labour as ‘red Tories’. Murphy and his Blairites caused a catastrophe for Scottish Labour from which it has not recovered yet, if it will ever recover.

If Labour in the European Union campaign would have behaved like Murphy, that might have caused a Scotland-sized defection among traditional Labour voters in England and Wales. At the next elections, they might have stayed at home. Or voted UKIP or some other protest vote.

The Blairite anti-Corbyn coupmongers prefer that suicide for the Labour party to respect for the Labour party membership which overwhelmingly voted for Corbyn.

The sacking follows claims in the Observer that Mr Benn called fellow MPs over the weekend to take soundings about a putsch.

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  19. Thursday 15th September 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Luke James

    Parliamentary Reporter

    ASLEF rail union president Tosh McDonald hit back yesterday at “misleading” claims that he compared Hilary Benn with Hitler.

    Mr McDonald sought to set the record straight over comments he made at a Labour Representation Committee meeting during TUC’s annual Congress in Brighton on Monday evening.

    The straight-talking train driver criticised the former shadow foreign secretary for likening bombing in Syria to British volunteers of the International Brigades.

    He told the meeting: “There is a comparison with the Spanish civil war and bombing of Syria that Hilary Benn voted for. But it’s a not a comparison with the International Brigades.

    “The only comparison I can draw is Hitler and Mussolini’s air force bombing the Republican lines in Spain.”

    It was subsequently reported that Mr McDonald had compared the Labour MP with Hitler.

    Mr Benn wrote to Mr McDonald on Twitter, asking: “How can you equate the fascists of Daesh (Isis) with the republicans fighting Franco in Spain?”

    But in a statement issued by the union yesterday, Mr McDonald said: “Anyone who knows me knows I would never say those things and everyone who was there at the meeting knows that isn’t what I said.”



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