British government scared Corbyn will scrap expensive nuclear weapons

This video from England says about itself:

6 August 2015

Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn called for a nuclear free world at the annual Hiroshima Day Commemoration in London, Thursday, demanding that Britain discontinue its Trident nuclear programme.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Jeremy Corbyn poses national security threat, says George Osborne

Chancellor says a Labour party led by Corbyn would oppose the renewal of Trident, a policy he claims would be disastrous for Britain

A Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn would pose a threat to national security by undermining the future of the UK’s nuclear deterrent, according to the chancellor, George Osborne.

The chancellor said “an unholy alliance of Labour’s leftwing insurgents and the Scottish nationalists” would shatter decades of near-unbroken Westminster consensus in favour of maintaining a nuclear capability.

Both Corbyn, the favourite to succeed Ed Miliband, and the SNP oppose the renewal of the Trident missile system being pursued by the Conservative government. Osborne said that would be disastrous.

Amid suggestions that Conservatives were delighted at Corbyn’s surprise emergence as the favourite to lead the party, Osborne insisted the contest should not be seen as a joke.

“On the contrary, I think we should take it deadly seriously,” he wrote in the Sun.

Not surprisingly, one of the papers owned by arch-warmonger and arch-phone hacker Rupert Murdoch.

“For the new unilateralists of British politics are a threat to our future national security and to our economic security.”

Mr Osborne uses to say that ‘economic security’ in Britain depends on spending not too much government money. He uses that as an argument for draconian cuts for poor people, arts, health care, etc. However, Osborne sings a completely different tune about the extremely expensive Trident nuclear weapons. And about the extremely expensive overseas wars. War profiteering corporations are major sponsors of George Osborne’s Conservative party.

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