‘Jeremy Corbyn will be elected Labour leader’, British bookmakers say

This video from the British parliament in London, England says about itself:

Instead of bombing Libya, we need to end British support for despots, says Jeremy Corbyn MP

Speech given by Jeremy Corbyn MP in the House of Commons on 18 March 2011 when MPs debated western intervention in Libya.

By Luke James in Britain:

And Red Jez Takes the Lead

Thursday 30th July 2015

Corbyn is now bookies’ favourite as odds are slashed yet again on Islington MP and Unison joins leftwinger’s camp

JEREMY CORBYN made “political history” yesterday after being installed as Labour leadership frontrunner by Britain’s biggest bookies.

Completing a stunning turnaround from 100/1 outsider in May, Mr Corbyn was made favourite by Ladbrokes, William Hill and Paddy Power. And his promotion to pole position came as Unison, which represents 1.3 million public-sector workers, became the latest union to nominate Mr Corbyn. Bookmakers slashed his odds again after the results of a private Labour poll revealed the left candidate is 20 points ahead of his rivals.

It was the third poll in two weeks that shows the principled Islington North MP is on course to shock the political Establishment.

The results sparked another flurry of bets from political punters hoping to back a winner, bookies reported. William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams told the Star: “We have responded by slashing the price from 200/1 into 13/8 — which must be one of, if not the, biggest price cut in political betting history.” Mr Corbyn is set to scoop 42 per cent support in the first round of voting, according to the latest poll seen by the Mirror.

Yvette Cooper is on 22 per cent, Andy Burnham on 20 per cent and Liz Kendall on 18 per cent. The results echo findings from a separate private poll shown to the New Statesman and a YouGov survey of Labour members for the Times, which put him 17 points ahead in the first round.

Paddy Power made Mr Corbyn a 6/4 shot and revealed half of all stakes taken on the Labour leadership race in the past two weeks have been for Mr Corbyn. A spokesman said: “Some people may still be refusing to take Stormin’ Corbyn seriously, but the punters and the pollsters certainly are.”

Mr Burnham was clinging on to top spot with Coral yesterday, but the firm then shorted its odds on a Corbyn victory in response to the poll to 11/8. Coral said it was “on the brink” of making Mr Corbyn the favourite.

Coral’s John Hill said: “Andy Burnham has topped the betting for a good couple of months now, but the money behind him in the betting has dried up.”

Further momentum was given to Mr Corbyn’s campaign by a dozen new nominations from local Labour parties (CLPs).

Holborn and St Pancras, represented by Burnham-backing Keir Starmer, was among constituencies where a majority of members backed Mr Corbyn.

He now has 126 CLP nominations, compared to 104 for Mr Burnham, 89 for Ms Cooper and just 14 for Ms Kendall.

Paddy Power said Leicester West Ms Kendall was a “relative no-hoper” at 40/1.

JEREMY CORBYN will cost Britain’s bookmakers at least half a million pounds if he is elected Labour leader, the Morning Star can reveal. Industry insiders said Mr Corbyn made “political betting history” this week when the one-time 200/1 shot was made favourite: here.

However, if Labour Party members and supporters would indeed elect Mr Corbyn as leader, there are plans in the Tony Blairite right wing of the party to then immediately delete that voters’ democratic verdict by having the Labour members of parliament depose Corbyn. So, Corbyn supporters should not just vote. They should also be prepared to defend their vote against a coup.

LABOUR MPs have a “duty” to rally behind Jeremy Corbyn if he’s elected leader, the frontrunner for the deputy post Tom Watson said yesterday. Asked about the prospects for party discipline if the left candidate was elected, Mr Watson predicted he may face right-wing rebels: here.

13 thoughts on “‘Jeremy Corbyn will be elected Labour leader’, British bookmakers say

    • I think he has the potential to get back at least some of the millions of ex-Labour voters who stayed home, disgusted by many years of Blairism. To get back some people who voted Liberal Democrat in 2010 as that party appeared to be to the left of Labour then. Or people who voted Green etc. in 2015.

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  1. Friday 31st 2015

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    CWU and TSSA announce backing for left-wing candidate

    JEREMY CORBYN could provide the political “antidote” to Labour’s “Blairite virus,” according to the leader of one union which announced its backing for his leadership campaign yesterday.

    After winning the endorsement of Unison on Wednesday, Mr Corbyn was further boosted by nominations from postal workers’ union CWU and rail union TSSA.

    It means the bookies’ favourite and poll frontrunner now commands the support of six affiliated unions — double that of closest rival Andy Burnham.

    Announcing the CWU decision, general secretary Dave Ward said: “We think that it is time for a change for Labour.

    “The grip of the Blairites and individuals like Peter Mandelson must now be loosened once and for all.

    “There is a virus within the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn is the antidote.”

    TSSA made its decision after all the leadership and deputy leadership candidates had been interviewed by the union’s national executive yesterday morning.

    General secretary Manuel Cortes said he was “delighted” at the executive’s verdict, adding: “People are fed up of machine politicians who never give an answer.

    “Jeremy is straight-talking and puts forward sensible policies which resonate with ordinary people.

    “Jeremy is clearly articulating why we must end the austerity quagmire and that Labour’s economic policies must move on from failed neoliberalism.”

    The unions cited Mr Corbyn’s long-standing support for renationalisation of the railways and Royal Mail respectively to explain why they had given him their support.

    Mr Corbyn branded the privatisation of the two industries a “bad idea based on short-term profits, not long-term public good” as he welcomed the union’s endorsements.

    He hailed them as proof that “people from all walks of life are coming together to support high-quality services, a public investment strategy to bring secure jobs, affordable housing and a Britain based on creating shared prosperity, not continual austerity for the many.”

    Nomination from both unions also boosted Angela Eagle’s chances in the deputy leadership contest.

    Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn won another seven nominations from constituency Labour parties on Wednesday night, taking his total to 133.

    Over 500 people have signed up to hear him speak tonight at a rally in Leicester, the home city of Blairite rival Liz Kendall.



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  3. GREEN leader Natalie Bennett has attempted to capitalise on Jeremy Corbyn’s success, saying it is part of a “shift to a new political era.”

    The Greens and other left alternatives to Labour stand to be the biggest losers if Mr Corbyn is elected Labour leader next month and can reconnect the party with its traditional supporters.

    But Ms Bennett dismissed any threat to the Greens from a more left-wing Labour Party in a speech on Wednesday.

    She said: “The country is ready for a real political landslide, massive political change. Just as the rise of Thatcher marked the end of a political era, the combination of the ‘Green surge,’ the rise of the SNP and the support for Corbyn mark the start of a shift to a new political era.”

    Ms Bennett added: “The ‘surprise’ success of Jeremy Corbyn has been much less of a surprise outside the Westminster bubble.”



  4. Osamor: ’80s Labour leader attacked BME self-organisation

    RECENT attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership bid by Neil Kinnock are evidence the ex-Labour chief “hasn’t changed” since he opposed black self-organisation in his heyday, a key figure from the time said yesterday.

    Speaking at a central London rally for Mr Corbyn’s leadership bid, Labour’s former Black Sections vice chairwoman Martha Osamor said she was “really wound up” by claims the leftwinger would take Labour “back to the 1980s.”

    She said the decade marked a milestone in black people’s resistance against racism and oppression, as well as for their struggle for political representation.

    At the weekend Mr Kinnock, who lost two general elections, credited the leftwinger’s rise to entryism by “the Trotskyite left and the Telegraph right.”

    “We are not choosing the chair of a discussion group who can preside over two years or more of fascinating debate while the Tories play hell with cuts,” he wrote in the Observer.

    But Ms Osamor, who was blocked from standing in the 1989 Vauxhall by-election by Labour’s national executive, told the Star: “Kinnock hasn’t changed.

    “That’s what he said to us in the ’80s.

    “His position was that after all we’d done to build up places like the Broadwater Farm estate, like community centres, Kinnock felt we were bringing the party into disrepute.”

    “Within the Labour Party there were people who felt black people were only to be represented by them,” she said.

    “[They said] it’s so difficult for people to elect a black person, so difficult to elect a woman.”

    Praising Mr Corbyn’s campaign for speaking of “another way, “Ms Osamor said activists had “kept going” in spite often being branded the “loony left.”

    She added: “We said to ourselves, if this is lunacy, that’s good for us.”

    Speaking exclusively to the Star after Monday night’s hge rally in north London, Ms Osamor said the groundswell of support for Mr Corbyn was “refreshing.”

    “The point is, you never give up trying. There was a time when people were leaving Labour, but I said to myself it’s our party, not theirs.”

    Ms Osamor’s daughter Kate, who is also backing Mr Corbyn, was elected Labour MP for Edmonton in May’s general election.



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