British Liberal Democrats anti-nuclear weapons, party leader pro

This 4 April 2015 video from Scotland says about itself:

Patrick Harvie, CND Protest Glasgow (Bairns Not Bombs Scrap Trident Demo)

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Tim Farron urges Lib Dem activists to reject motion to scrap Trident

A debate over whether the party should abandon Britain’s nuclear deterrent is a test of the new leader’s authority at the Bournemouth conference

Tim Farron faces a test of his authority in his first conference as Liberal Democrat leader after urging activists to oppose a motion on scrapping Trident.

The Lib Dem leader has acknowledged that the proposal due to voted on at the gathering in Bournemouth was “seductive” but the party had to consider the implications for the UK’s global standing if it abandoned the nuclear deterrent.

The motion, backed by former MP Julian Huppert, calls for plans to renew the Trident weapons system to be scrapped, with the existing warheads decommissioned at the earliest possible opportunity.

An amendment tabled by the party’s establishment would commit the Lib Dems to voting against a like-for-like replacement for Trident and establish a committee to consider future policy on the nuclear deterrent.

In an article aimed at grassroots activists on the Lib Dem Voice website before the conference, Farron said: “Undoubtedly the lure of a definitive, ‘no ifs, no buts’ position on nuclear disarmament is seductive.

“It’s true that we are no longer locked in a cold war climate and the costs of Trident replacement are staggering – particularly in the current austerity world we live in.”

He added: “That’s why I am absolutely clear that Lib Dems will vote against renewal of the current Trident programme if it comes before the House of Commons.

“What’s more, we’ll work to push for this vote to happen because there is absolutely no reason why the Tory government should be allowed to wave through a decision on such an important issue.”

JO SWINSON has been criticised for saying without hesitation that she would be prepared to use nuclear weapons if she became prime minister. The Lid Dem leader stated her intentions on ITV on Tuesday night once PM Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had debated on a separate programme. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament said it was a “disgraceful response”: here.

By Luke James in Britain:

Farron fails to woo MPs after Thatcher praise

Monday 21st September 2015

Lib Dem leader: ‘Some policies were necessary’

TIM FARRON botched his bid to woo Labour voters and MPs to the Lib Dems this weekend by describing some of Thatcher’s most divisive acts as “undoubtedly necessary”.

The Lib Dem leader used his conference speech on Saturday to make an “unashamed land grab” on Labour ground.

Speaking in Bournemouth, Mr Farron claimed Labour had taken an “1980s nostalgia trip” by electing Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

He claimed it left the Lib Dems as the “credible progressive alternative” to the Tories.

“I am nostalgic for my youth but I am not nostalgic for those Labour economic policies which created the space for Margaret Thatcher to win in the first place and which kept her in power for a decade,” he said.

The speech came days after he claimed to have been contacted by Labour MPs disappointed by Mr Corbyn’s election as leader.

It was designed to further stir up division within Labour with a view to sparking “dozens” of defections to the Lib Dems.

But Nick Clegg’s supposedly left-of-centre successor will have alienated many in the Labour movement by defending Thatcher’s attacks on trade unions and privatisations.

Mr Farron remembered that Thatcher had “created mass unemployment” and “sowed the seeds of division and separation.”

In an unashamed volte-face, he added: “Some of what Mrs Thatcher did then was undoubtedly necessary.

“She was very good at tearing things down — the over-wielding power of the union bosses, old-fashioned industrial practices stuck in the past, public-sector monoliths removed from the people they served.”

Shadow cabinet minister Chris Bryant was among Labour MPs to dash Mr Farron’s defection hopes yesterday, saying he “wouldn’t jump shop for all the tea in China (and India).”

And the Lib Dems should be more worried about defections from them to Labour, according to peer and Lib Dem member Baroness Tonge.

The former MP for Richmond Park described Mr Corbyn’s “honest” politics as “a breath of fresh air.”

“I know that lots of Lib Dems are contemplating supporting Jeremy Corbyn, including me,” she told the Sunday Times.

The Lib Dems boasted this weekend that their membership had risen to more than 61,000 — fewer than the number of people who have joined Labour since Mr Corbyn was elected leader last weekend.

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  1. Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions and commented:
    People know the lib dems sold their souls to the conservatives, so how they are getting new members is beyond me. Unless it’s ex Tories who don’t like labour and are going for the liberal Democrats.

    But I could be wrong and being very stupid.


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