Ed Miliband new Labour leader

This video from Britain is called Tony Blair and New Labour | George Galloway | Oxford Union.

CNN reports today:

Britain’s Labour Party taps Ed Miliband as new leader

London, England — Britain’s Labour Party on Saturday announced Ed Miliband as its new leader Saturday, four months after Prime Minister Gordon Brown resigned from the post when his party lost the election.

Several rounds of voting were required to determine Saturday’s winner, since no one received more than 50 percent support in the early ballots.

Ed Miliband and his brother, David, who was also in the running, were locked in a battle for the top spot for until the very end. The final numbers gave Ed 50.6 percent of the votes and David 49.35 percent.

Ed Miliband, though like his brother David an ex-member of pro capitalist and pro war “new Labour” governments, is slightly more to the Left than David.

Unlike David, he is not linked to torture scandals; and, not having been Foreign Secretary like David, he is less tied to a pro war foreign policy.

So, shortly after Oona King’s defeat to Ken Livingstone, another blow to the Blairite Right wing in the British Labour Party … even though many Labour Left wingers had resigned from the party in disgust about the Thatcherism and warmongering of the Brown and Blair administrations.

ED MILIBAND, the new Labour Party leader, has made it perfectly clear that his victory does not mean that he is going to oppose the Tory-LibDem cuts and privatisation measures: here.

Unite union leadership contender Len McCluskey today urged Labour’s new leader Ed Miliband not to “forget in five minutes” what he has heard from workers during five months of campaigning.

Labour needs to change, says new leader Ed Miliband: here.

John Smith’s death 20 years ago today enabled the ditching of social democracy by “modernisers” Blair and Brown. That era is far from over, says JOHN ELLISON: here.

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