Britons commemorate Hiroshima nuclear bomb

This video about Hiroshima, Japan says about itself:

Testimony of hibakusha by Mr. Takashi Nakata (in English)

29 July 2011

Mr. Takashi Nakata gives testimony on his experience of atomic bombing.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain, 7 August 2015, about commemorating the Hiroshima nuclear bomb, seventy years ago:

Tom Gooding

I’ve been coming to these demonstrations for years, so I don’t see any reason for stopping by the fact I can’t walk anymore. I follow all these demonstrations instead of political meetings, I’m a free-thinker.

Brenda McGraith

I’m here because it’s the 70th anniversary. We remembered the start of World War I last year and Victory Day in May, this is another very important anniversary that we need to remember.

Thais Court

I just think it’s really important to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It’s really important to come and show your opposition to nuclear weapons and to remember everyone who died and everything that has happened. Yes, it makes it more special that I come with my grandmother.

Monique Buchli

I feel very strongly about weapons in general. I feel they are not needed. If we work for peace and commit ourselves to create a world without war, without weapons, we would actually achieve much more. Nuclear weapons are just top of the list of the most awful weapons we ever invented and we should never use it. That’s why I am here, to tell the world, come on, stop having these horrible weapons.

The decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki: here.

18 thoughts on “Britons commemorate Hiroshima nuclear bomb

  1. The worst weapon today is the mindset of those who are the instigators of war, on Quora blog site, recently a American soldier having been in I believe Iraq stated how he loved breaking down doors of the population and shooting people when you hear such morons it becomes a despairing situation.


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  12. Friday 20th May 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    JAPANESE atomic bombing survivors have urged US President Barack Obama to hear their stories and apologise when he visits Hiroshima next week.

    Hiroshima bomb victim Toshiki Fujimori told reporters he found it awkward to hear local and central government officials say they are not asking for an apology.

    “I suspect there was a pressure to create an atmosphere that would make it easier for Obama to visit Hiroshima,” he said.

    “But many of the survivors don’t think they can do without an apology at all.”

    Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organisations secretary-general Terumi Tanaka, himself a Nagasaki survivor, hoped Mr Obama would be touched and gain a deeper understanding from being in Hiroshima.

    “Families of the victims, those who lost their children — they deserve an apology and I really hope Mr Obama will at least apologise to them,” he said.


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