British neo-nazis attack pro-refugee demonstrators

This video is called Neo-Nazi group Britain First ‘invade’ East London Mosque.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

EDL blamed for Folkestone protest attack

Monday 3rd August 2015

Rally called for end to migrant deaths on line

A PEACEFUL migrant solidarity protest at the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone on Saturday was attacked by members of Britain First and the English Defence League.

A vigil organised by the Folkestone United group to mark the deaths of 11 desperate refugees trying to enter Britain was marred by the violent mob.

Speaking to the Star, Thanet People’s Assembly organiser Bridget Chapman said “scuffles” followed an attack by the racist groups, despite heavy policing.

Ms Chapman, who organised the protest, explained that she had to act after “some friends and I were very moved by the death of the Sudanese boy on one of the Channel tunnel trains.

“We wanted to send a clear message to the migrants that we support them.”

She added they also aimed to “tell the media that we will no longer tolerate irresponsible reporting of this crisis and that the focus needs to be firmly on the plight of the migrants and not on the inconvenience to holiday makers.

“We wanted to ask Eurotunnel how a boy could up up dead on the freight deck of one of their trains.”

Last week’s news that a 30-year-old Sudanese man died trying to cross the Channel brought the number of migrant casualties on the tunnel line to nine just over a month.

Coverage of the ongoing refugee crisis taking place on both sides of the English Channel has been heavily criticised by migrant groups and charities who have described it as “inflammatory” and skewed.

A Church of England bishop has also come out against the Prime Minister’s approach to the tragedy after David Cameron described those seeking refuge in Britain as a “swarm.

Bishop of Dover Trevor Willmott said: “We’ve become ana increasingly harsh world, and when we become harsh with each other and forget our humanity then we end up in these stand-off positions.

“We need to rediscover what it is to be a human, and that every human being matters.”

13 thoughts on “British neo-nazis attack pro-refugee demonstrators

  1. Monday 3rd August 2015

    posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

    BUNDLES of Daily Mail newspapers were fed to the flames across West London this weekend after an all-women’s migrant solidarity protest took an angry turn.

    Members of Sisters Uncut marched to the tabloid’s head-offices on Saturday afternoon, protesting against the anti-migrant propaganda peddled by the paper.

    The rally came a few days after the Daily Mail called for the British Army to be sent to Calais refugee camps to “stop them trying to get to the UK.”

    Sisters Uncut member Anita Roberts said she joined the day’s action because “Sexist Tory policies on immigration are propagated and validated by the hate spewed by the Daily Mail.

    “Again and again they push the message that migrant lives do not matter and black lives do not matter, we say enough is enough.”

    The protest ended with a block of Kensington High Street until police officers came in and dispersed the crowd.

    Another of the group’s main concerns was that Tory cuts coupled with the xenophobic message of right-wing media would put migrant women at further risk of domestic and sexual violence.

    Most migrants and “failed” asylum seekers living in Britain already get by without access to public funds, including housing assistance and benefits.

    Cuts to services such as refuges and an escalation of immigration raids and detention cases have left migrant women “at greater risk of isolation, vulnerability and violence.”

    Also protesting was Maham Shamsi who said she feared the vitriol spewed in the Daily Mail’s front pages because “as an immigrant woman I feel that the right wing media fuels hatred against people who — like everyone else — have the right to support and safety.”


  2. Monday 3rd August 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    A CONTROVERSIAL local councillor was accused of promoting racism at the weekend after commenting on social media that “every little helps” when it came to the deaths of migrants at the French entrance to the Channel tunnel

    Torfaen councillor Mike Harris, of Pontypool, south Wales, left locals in a rage after sharing on Facebook a comment that read: “Four were found suffocated in the back of a Tesco lorry last night! Every little helps!”

    The Ukip politician, who described the comment as “interesting,” had already argued that to deal with the refugee crisis in Calais, authorities should “take away their food and water supply.”

    Members of a Facebook community discussion group called “Torfaen Matters” nicknamed Mr Harris “Cllr Arse” yesterday and debated the sobriety of his comments.

    One poster on the forum simply wrote: “He’s a monster.”


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