Japanese mass murderer of disabled people is neo-nazi

This video says about itself:

New Nationalism: Far-right voices get louder in Japan

10 January 2014

Some parts of Japanese society want to drag the pacifist nation to the right. Nationalist groups are growing louder in their calls for the country to take a harder line against enemies home and abroad.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Japanese murderer tied up hospital workers

Today, 12:42 …

More gruesome details have been published about the way the Japanese man who stabbed nineteen disabled people to death proceeded. Satoshi Uematsu first tied hospital workers so that he could proceed undisturbed. …


The perpetrator had neo-Nazi sympathies. His last tweet pointed in that direction, says correspondent Kjeld Duits. He wrote: “Beautiful Japan”. That’s a code word for nationalists who want to return to pre-war Japan,” says German.

In February Uematsu pleaded in a letter to parliament for euthanasia for the disabled. He wrote that he wanted to “help” in that and named the name of the clinic.

After this he was himself admitted to an institution. There he is said to have said that he supports the ideology of Hitler. He thought eugenics was a good idea. That is genetic ‘improvement’ of human beings. Based on that idea the nazis have killed tens of thousands of disabled people in the Second World War.

Uematsu was in the psychiatric ward only for a short time. The doctors thought soon he was well again.

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