What Dutch cats eat

This video says about itself:

Alpine Accentor – Prunella collaris – Alpenheggenmus / full video / Zeebrugge – Belgium / 8-5-2012

Full video of this mega rarity for Belgium.

Showing extremely well (pruning, singing, showing underside of wing and tail).

Dutch site Waarneming.nl reports about 3000 wild animals, caught by Dutch domestic cats.

They write about the cats’ prey (translated):

The majority (94%) are mammals (in particular shrews and mice), but also birds (5%), reptiles, amphibians and insects are reported. Of the 27 reported species of mammals wood mice (number=784), greater white-toothed shrew (n=653) and common vole (n=580) were reported most often. Also some national rarities have been reported like water shrewbicoloured white-toothed shrew, yellow-necked mouse, black rat and root vole.

Furthermore, bats with 19 individuals and four species were also occasionally found as prey. Also with the birds some rarities were reported like Alpine accentor, wryneck and a rare species like the jack snipe. Also 5 grass snakes are surely worth mentioning.

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