Migrating cranes and marsh harriers in Spain

Riglos, 2 November 2014

Still 2 November 2014. After the Alpine accentor, still in Riglos village in Aragon, Spain.

House sparrow male, Riglos, 2 November 2014

The house sparrows were still there.

We left Riglos. At 15:55, a southern grey shrike in a tree.

At 16:43, we were near a reservoir. The water level was much lower than we expected.

Scores of great cormorants flying.

Cranes flying, Spain, 2 November 2014

At 5pm, about a hundred cranes flying overhead. We could hear the trumpet-like sounds of the adults; and the higher pitched voices of this year’s chicks, flying along on their first migration ever.

Marsh harrier, 2 November 2014

The reedbeds along the reservoir also attracted another migratory bird species: marsh harriers, preparing to spend the night there as the evening approached.

Marsh harrier, Spain, 2 November 2014

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