British pensioners dying in winter

This video is called Old Age Perils: Retirement made bleak in UK by rising costs & poor pensions.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

HEATING: Around 3.5 million older people are worried they will not be able to stay warm this winter, charity Age UK warned yesterday.

An older person dies every seven minutes from cold weather each winter, according to Age UK’s new research.

A third of over-65s are concerned about how they will heat their homes this winter and 70 per cent have fears over the high cost of energy, the research showed.

7 thoughts on “British pensioners dying in winter

  1. It is a exhilarating day for my start at breakfast time with TV, ABC, my excitement rose when I saw Cameron, the British Prime minister, extolling the virtues of Britain’s economic recovery and how his country is now proud of its buccaneering spirit, he was not alone, Tony Abbott, was proud on how Australian, money making was also a gleeful situation and the party of ABC, presenters were also at the helm of this money making paradise, it is not so surprising that Virginia Trioli, a lead presenter was done up with a hairstyle that co presenter, complimented her on her hair, is some of the exhilaration due to Trioli’s, $235.000, PA, salary? and poor Michael, trailing behind on a mere $151.000, salary? how can we not all be excited by all this positivity?
    Surely the few that starve and die is small price for our defense we need to protect what so many have died for? the national debt, with more borrowings, we can leave it to the next generation, who I am informed are more or will be more, clever than us, in the interim, if we all work hard for the 1%, to make them increasingly rich, I am sure they will do the right thing and look after us, they have a social conscience, of good will to all, like looking after those who are cold, other than a small omission, here and there.


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