Brook lamprey returns to Dutch stream

This is a brook lamprey video.

The Dutch ichthyologists of RAVON report about the brook lamprey today.

This species needs clean streams. Pollution killed many brook lampreys during the twentieth century in the Dutch province Noord-Brabant.

Recently, water quality improved in many places. This autumn, brook lampreys were reintroduced to the Reusel brook.

11 thoughts on “Brook lamprey returns to Dutch stream

    • Hi, according to Wikpedia:

      The Lamprey River derives its name from the American Brook Lamprey, which is native to the river. The American Brook Lamprey is a type of freshwater jawless fish sometimes incorrectly referred to as the “Lamprey eel”. The American Brook Lamprey is classified as an endangered species by New Hampshire Fish and Game but was once used as a valuable food source in the area. Lampreys were once eaten due to the fact that they contain no bones in their body other than in their head, which was ideal for small children.

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