Rare rhinoceros beetles saved

This is a 2013 video from the Netherlands about rhinoceros beetles and their larvae.

They are a rare species in the Netherlands.

On 2 December 2013, many rhinoceros beetles in Noord-Brabant province in the Netherlands were saved from death.

Translated from Omroep Brabant in the Netherlands, 1 December 2016:

A while ago, Hans van der Staak received a special phone call. He works at Den Ouden in Schijndel, a company that makes compost from wood chips. “A customer called. He had a big wood chips pile which had been lying there for years.”

Hans went to check and made an extraordinary discovery. “I quickly saw traces of larvae and immediately recognized that it had to be rhinoceros beetles.” The huge pile of wood chips proved to be special.


“What do you do with such a mountain?” Hans asked. “It would be a shame to compost it.” He called the Brabants Landschap conservation organisation. When they discovered it was the indigenous rhino beetle they wanted to have the pile of wood chips.

On Friday [2 December], several trucks will bring the mountain of wood chips to the Herbertusbossen [woodland owned by Brabants Landschap] in Heeze.

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