Birds, fish, flowers in Winterswijk

Fish ladder, 3 May 2017

This blog has mentioned already the fish pass at the old Berenschot water mill near Winterswijk. From 3 May 2017, the day after 2 May in Winterswijk, is this photo of another fish pass in the Slinge river, a bit further downstream.

Before this fish ladder was made, there was a 80 centimeter high rapid here. Impossible to pass for fish, except maybe salmon. The new fish ladder consists of eight 10 centimeter high steps; with space in between them for fish to rest to ‘climb’ the next step. This helps at least five fish species which are quite rare in the Netherlands: chub; brook lamprey; burbot; dace; and ide.

Not far from the Berenschot water-mill is an important spawning ground for these species, which they can reach now. Besides fish, also, eg, water beetles and snails use the pass.

A nuthatch calls.

Ground-ivy flowers.

White nettle flowers.

Cow parsley, 3 May 2017

Cow parsley flowering along a cycling track near the Slinge.

A blue tit.

A male and a female buzzard in mating flight.

A northern lapwing.

An orange tip butterfly male

A peacock butterfly.

Woodland, 3 May 2017

A bit later, a bit more to the south, a partly woodland, partly farmland area.

Stream, 3 May 2017

Including a small stream.

Trees, 3 May 2017

A song thrush sings.

Farm, 3 May 2015

So does a yellowhammer.

Four roe deer in a meadow.

A wren sings on a tree stump.

Dandelions, 3 May 2017

Many dandelion flowers in a meadow.

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