18 thoughts on “British government brings back Charles Dickens’ times for workers

  1. Is not the British, elite, a repressive organization, it is a club for the few, as the club turns the screws, they must be laughing all the way to the bank, the funny thing is the British public, vote for these people to do this to them, although it is as if the voting public do vote for this dismal fate, some have a suspicion, the voting is rigged, it was always thought this is not even a thinkable possibility, the governing forces, will not be deterred by any other possibility, than to control the masses, it is irrelevant as to whether this is achieved by criminal means or what ever.
    What is going for the elite, is they know how gullible the public are, they also know they just cannot get it?.the balance of stupidity, favors, the corrupt.


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