London Labour council takes over Grenfell Tower relief from incompetent Kensington Conservatives

This 17 June 2017 video from London, England is called LOWKEY ON GRENFELL TOWER FIRE.

Another video from London, England used to say about itself:

If You Want The Truth About The Grenfell Tower Listen To The Local Residents Not The Media

18 June 2017

Local residents talk about how the government and the mainstream media are trying to cover up what really happened at Grenfell Tower and what action local emergency authorities could have taken to save more lives.

From daily The Independent in Britain, 18 June 2017:

Emergency taskforce takes over Grenfell Tower relief operation amid fury at ‘chaotic’ Kensington Council

An emergency taskforce has taken over the Grenfell Tower disaster relief operation following criticism of [Conservative] Kensington and Chelsea Council’s “chaotic” response. …

It comes after Prime Minister Theresa May admitted “support on the ground for families who needed help or basic information” following the devastating fire in north Kensington “was not good enough”.

Families affected by the blaze have condemned the relief effort as “absolute chaos” and complained Kensington and Chelsea council had provided little support and information, with volunteering stepping in to plug the gaps.

One aid worker described the chaotic response as “like being in a disaster zone”.

Staff from [Labour party] Ealing Council in west London took over humanitarian efforts on Saturday and are now running operations at Westway Sports Centre, which has become the main refuge centre for residents of the tower made homeless by the fire.

It comes as Kensington and Chelsea Council faced criticism from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who said the authority appeared to “lack the resources” to deal with the fire despite being the wealthiest authority in the country. …

But one aid worker said Ealing council had been “much more co-operative” than Kensington and Chelsea.

She said: “It was very different to get hold of information through [Kensington], we weren’t able to get things done as quickly as possible. Just generally [they had] too much going on in the last few days.

Volunteers and charity workers on the ground in north Kensington told Buzzfeed News that they were now taking instructions from Labour-run Ealing Council and had been told not to follow directions from anyone else.

David Lammy condemns government failure to support Grenfell Tower victims: ‘We’re behaving like Victorian England‘. ‘I met people yesterday who had been given £10. They have lost everything,’ says Labour MP: here.

This 18 June 2017 video from London, England is called David Lammy MP Calls For Criminal Investigation Into Grenfell Tower Contractors.

Two women feared dead in Grenfell Tower were ‘threatened with legal action’ for raising alarm about fire safety. ‘They bullied them and persecuted those like Nadia and Mariem who were brave enough to speak out, branding them troublemakers’: here.

People are comparing the Grenfell victims fund with the £369m Buckingham Palace refurbishment: here.

An article has resurfaced on Twitter quoting former Prime Minister David Cameron promising to ‘Kill off safety culture” in Britain. The article was written in January 2012 but has been brought to people’s attention in light of the recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower: here.

Grenfell Tower fire: Former housing minister criticises Tories for failing to update fire safety regulations. ‘I can’t see any reason why the review hasn’t happened,’ former Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams says: here.

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