Brook lamprey video

These brook lamprey fish are spawning.

The video was made at a small stream with clean water in the Netherlands, by nelappelmelk.

6 thoughts on “Brook lamprey video

  1. Very interesting post! I never knew there were brook lamprey. I have seen sea lamprey at least 200 miles away from the nearest sea. They came up from the Delaware Bay, via the Delaware River, then up the West Branch of the Delaware, leaving that river to follow the small Oquaga Creek and into a pond in the “Artic Forest” preserve. The pond has since been damed up and made into a swimming and fishing area for NY residents. No more lampreys exist there. However, I think they must still come up Oquaga Creek for spawning. Some people dig the small fry out of the mud in the Delaware River and use them for bait to catch Walleye Pike out of the Susquehanna river. This trasporting of Lamprey Eels to the Susquehanna is strictly forbidden.


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