Rare moth back in northern Netherlands

This video from the Netherlands is about National park Dwingelderveld in winter.

Translated from the Dutch Natuurmonumenten conservationists:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pachythelia villosella, a very rare moth species, is back in Drenthe province. In late July, several individuals were seen and found dead in the National Park Dwingelderveld.

Disappeared species

Warden Ruud Kreetz of Natuurmonumenten says: “The species had disappeared from the northern provinces long ago, and was only seen recently on some spots in the Veluwe, North Brabant and Limburg.”

14 thoughts on “Rare moth back in northern Netherlands

  1. I actually LIKE moths! I think ALL moths, are so CUTE!!!! I was just watching this You Tube video, of some poison moth, in Australia, or whatever, and the guy in the You Tube video, about the poison moth, in Australia, was like: What A Nasty Little Creature! the guy in the You Tube video, had the poor little poison moth, held down! That’s Just Mean! No Mister, YOU Are The Nasty Little Creature, poison moth, or not! if I had one way to die, I would want death, by moths and butterflies! I like ALL butterflies, and moths, even if they are possibly poison, although I don’t think I have ever actually seen a poison moth, like the poison moth, from Australia, in that You Tube video, or whatever. death by fluffy moth!

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