Rare mushrooms in Dutch coniferous woodlands

This video is called National Geographic – Kingdom Of The Forest – Fungi.

Translated from the Dutch Mycological Society:

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

As part of the Drenthe Atlas Project Mushrooms Workgroup Drenthe (PWD) from 1999 on has examined Drenthe everywhere in all corners. It showed the importance of some forests with Norway spruce for a range of rare and endangered mushrooms. Also downright spectacular mushrooms were found, like goatcheese webcap and Psathyrella caputmedusae, which were thought to be extinct. And olive wax cap, which had been found only once before in the Netherlands.

Already in 2001 the supposedly extinct goatcheese webcap (Cortinarius camphoratus) had been found in a dark, damp and mossy plot with sixty years old Norway spruce in Grolloo forestry district.

See also here.

How dead wood helps wildlife: here.

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