Butterfly and bee drinking crocodile tears in Costa Rica

This video says about itself:

Butterfly and bee drink crocodile tears – La Selva, Costa Rica

A Julia butterfly (Dryas iulia) and a solitary bee (Centris sp.) sip tears from the eyes of a spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus) on Costa Rica‘s Puerto Viejo River. Filmed by ecologist Carlos de la Rosa, Director of the La Selva Biological Research Station, in December 2013.

Carlos L de la Rosa (2014): Additional observations of lachryphagous butterflies and bees. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 12(4): 210.

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16 thoughts on “Butterfly and bee drinking crocodile tears in Costa Rica

    • Crocodiles often don’t move. Like other reptiles: tortoises etc. They are cold-blooded animals, which often bask in the sun, until their blood has the right temperature for moving.


            • In Indonesia there are stories about the kancil (a small mouse deer species).

              One of the stories was about a mouse deer wanting to drink, but there was something in the river which might be either a log or a crocodile. It did not move.

              “Are you a log or a crocodile?” Kancil asked.

              No reply.

              Kancil continued: “If you are a crocodile, then you should not move. However, if you are a log, then you should move to and fro”.

              Then, the “log” started to move. And Kancil now was sure it was not safe to drink there.

              Another story about a kancil and crocodiles:


              “One day, Kancil wants to cross a river. But the river is full of hungry crocodiles. The crocodiles will eat Sang Kancil if he crosses the river. Eventually, Kancil has an idea. He said to the crocodiles,” If you want to eat me, you must queue and make a row!” “Why must we do that?” replys one of the crocodile. “I want to test your toughness. I don’t want to be eaten by weak crocodiles!”said Kancil. Taunted by Kancil’s words, the crocodiles follow his order and make a row of crocodiles. Kancil quickly hops from on crocodile to another until he reaches the other side of the river, leaving the angry crocodiles far behind.”


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