20 thoughts on “European governmental anti-Roma bigotry

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    Yes it is bigotry and its wrong but its hardly new there have been anti roma/gypsy/traveller bigots for hundreds of years and yes it must stop but when and how are the questions to which no one ever has an answer. The thing is for years now immigration to EU countries has carried on regardless of public opinion indeed if people complained they were and still are treated as bigots and racists but is it racist to ask questions? I don’t think so and I do think people are worried that there are not enough tax payers to pay for all the claimants to benefits, and there are others genuinely afraid that the culture they love is being changed beyond recognition they too have questions but so far there are no answers telling people that they are racist and its all ‘normal’ is not an answer its a blatant lie that takes the people hearing it for fools and then what happens is many of the people who asked the questions blame the immigrants. Its not the fault of immigrants it is the fault of all those govts who refuse to deal honestly with a subject that really worries people.


    • The politicians who incite people against benefits for immigrants are the same politicians who spend millions in Britain on “celebrating” the start of World War I, and billions on Trident nuclear weapons.


      • Politicians who refuse to acknowledge that part of their job is to give full proper explanations to their worried constituents is I think is a real and growing problem, and when that is combined with the ‘everyone on benefits is a work sky scrounging chave’ cause increasing anxiety and anger about all immigration.


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    We treat these people like animals, leave them to starve, do not allow them jobs and show concern if they might get involved in crime. It is time that ALL Roma and traveller peoples were treated like humans throughout this great liberal land that we call Europe; otherwise everything that out Grandparents fought for against Hitler and the National Socialists will have been for nothing.


  3. I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but nobody where I live knows of my Roma heritage. I doubt they’d shun me, but I would go down in their estimation.

    Just yesterday, online, I got told to “F*** off back to wherever you crawled out from” because I admitted Roma descent – apparently I’m not English and so I shouldn’t be here. As it happens I was born in this country to an English mother and Welsh father; my mother just happens to have had a Romany grandmother.

    This persecution has to stop. Until yesterday I hadn’t realised that having just a trace of Roma blood could make you an outcast.


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