36 thoughts on “Anti-Roma xenophobe Valls, France’s new Prime Minister

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  6. FRANCE: Anti-discrimination groups demanded government action today in response to an attack on a Roma teenager.

    The teen was left for dead after a group of people who suspected him of burglary seized him from his camp and beat him unconscious.

    Police union official Luc Poignant said that about a dozen people went into the Roma camp late on Friday in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine after an apartment was burgled. Police found the victim abandoned by a road.

    Mr Poignant said the young man was put into a medically induced coma “because he was in so much pain.”


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  12. I find it interesting how Islamic interests can be the ridiculed as fair game, any thing regarded as sacred can become the target, however if any one dare say a word even critical commentary on the Jews this is now out of bounds, I will not say the word used for this association, suffice to say the Jews are the same in essence as Arabs, other than a book identifying a sect, supposedly the word of God to its favored? How come?

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