13 thoughts on “Maria, ‘stolen Aryan girl’ media lies, and anti-Roma racism

  1. I am of Roma descent; my grandfather was unusual in having blue eyes and my mother and myself are the only two with naturally blonde hair and fair skin. My mother has her father’s blue/grey eyes whilst I have my own father’s cobalt blue. My dark haired, dark skinned, green eyed son looks far more Roma than I do, as he takes after his dark but decidedly non-Roma father.

    I have been trying to educate people about the Roma Ways; it is perfectly possible that Maria has been passed among many Roma families, as this is natural to them; community equals family to the Roma, and many children are not with their biological parents for many reasons. Perhaps her Bulgarian parents briefly shared community with the Greek couple, and needed somebody to care for Maria because they already had too many children, or because on or both parents fell ill. There are a myriad reasons as to why Maria might have been passed to the Greek couple.

    Thank you for passing this article along, and for highlighting the plight of Roma worldwide.


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