Greek nazis burn Roma people’s homes

This is video about homes of Roma people in Xanthi city in Greece, burnt by Golden Dawn neo-nazis.

The blog dawnofthegreeks writes about this:

racist hate attack against Roma people community of Xanthi

May 10, 2013

According to reports of journalists in Xanthi and the state TV station ET3, residents of the city have invited a group of neonazis to attack the community of Roma people. The excuse was more or less the same like other regions of the country. The residents talk about a number of small-robberies in their area which is increased lately. The residents together with the nazis set the half of the Roma people tents on fire. The local police didn’t show up during the pogrom incident.

Greek source: prezatv.

Also in Greece: According to the state media, two strawberry fields workers from Bangladesh in Nea Manolada went to request their salaries from their foreman last midnight. Both workers were beaten with a knife or other sharp object, one on the back and the other on the leg, and transferred to the health center (small hospital) of Varda. The foreman was arrested by the police: here.

Hate speech bill delayed by Samaras’ office: here.

Athens mayor makes complaint over Golden Dawn MP’s ‘attempted assault’: here.

Foreign students without stay permit to be excluded from Greek graduation exams. Punished for their parents’ unemployment: here.

40 thoughts on “Greek nazis burn Roma people’s homes

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    • Yes indeed, if we won’t do anything now. There should be measures aganst the Greek Golden Dawn nazis now that they are still (relatively) small. If the Golden Dawn’s French sister party, the National Front of Le Pen, would become the government in France, then that would mean fascists with nuclear weapons.


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      • I’ve let everyone know I just discovered this reply to comment feature on the blog.

        I guess what I don’t understand is why the Nazi’s. There has always been an anti-Semitic sentiment in Europe. Is there a resurgence?


            • Indeed, it is completely wrong to blame Jews, or Muslims (or Bulgarians, or Roma, or communists, or anarchists, etc. etc.) for the harsh austerity measures, imposed by the “troika” in which the German Merkel government plays a major role. These measures are what US President Bush senior used to call “voodoo economics”, totally counterproductive. They cause much misery for poor unemployed Greeks, poor Greek workers; and also for small businesspeople (a major constituency for the Golden Dawn nazis, along with armed forces and police).

              For Golden Dawn Greek nazis, it would be a bit awkward to blame the German government. As, according to them, Hitler’s German Reich should have won the second world war. So, they blame Jews, Muslims, other immigrants, etc. etc. instead.


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