28 thoughts on “Australian government celebrates World War I bloodbath

  1. The Anzac adventure was always doomed and the intelligent would know the elite such as Churchill, was out of contact with what the coastal map of the Turkish landscape, it is obvious, you would not have to be a military strategist to know that Turkish machine gunners would hold their position, and slaughter the troops as they come from the sea craft, if you did not get off this craft you would be shot by your own, the celebration is a best a celebration of stupidity, but Australia, is not a bright light as far as a enlightened society goes.
    The best we have, is Germaine Greer, who has a limited intellectual commentary in terms of reference other than women’s issues, and Pilger also Assange, one incarcerated by British police on trumped up charges, and Pilger, stays clear of what is otherwise a intellectual daunting society.


  2. Bob Kerry, on election to the US Senate from the US state of Nebraska sang a song:

    It seemed odd to people then since it isn’t a song celebrating war, eh?! And as a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, someone who fought in Vietnam, a citizen of a vigorously pro-war state then, it was difficult for many to reconcile his attitude toward war and the fact he was a war hero….

    He lost part of a leg in Viet Nam. Prior to serving in the US Senate, he was Governor of Nebraska.


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