14 thoughts on “Australian East Timor oil spying scandal continues

  1. Australia, has from its inception been committed to exploitation, any virtue other than being a place with more sunshine than Britain, is as good as it gets. The government has always been one of oppression as a predominant quality of a working model.
    It is strange that after all its wealth extracted from land and sea, and these days air, is in debt and this is a growing national debt.
    I once put this question to a economist or someone whom had a Phd, in economics, and inquired whether she knew the value of what has been extracted from the ground of Australia? she said this is a impossible question to know.
    If after two hundred years of occupation and many thousands of death occurred here as a result of conquest, and we still have a debt that is increasing daily, their is something seriously wrong with what is happening here? the question is what is it all for? In particular looking at the environment as being in a state of erosion, the fields that are close to the place I live, are huge fields with little or no trees or hedge groves, the sun beats down on them, and they are wind swept, the farmers are in debt, as they sell to multi national companies, or corporations, the mindless ability here is a tribute that one can go for so long in a haze within a fog of the mind and get away so long with being so inept.


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