Tyrannosaurus rex to museum by crowdfunding?

This Dutch video is about discovering Tyrannosaurus rex fossils in Montana, USA.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden in the Netherlands writes (translated):

Help us to get the T. rex to the Netherlands!

In Montana, U.S.A., we made an incredible discovery: we unearthed a Tyrannosaurus rex! We desperately want to get this huge fearsome carnivore to the Netherlands. That might be a small step for Tyrannosaurus rex, but a huge step for us. Because that would make Naturalis the only museum outside North America where people can see this legend. An individual of this species is probably worth its weight in ten euro notes, so we need a lot of money. Will you help us?

This Dutch video is about the start of the crowdfunding campaign to buy the Tyrannosaurus rex.

In Images: A Baby Dinosaur Unearthed: here.

26 thoughts on “Tyrannosaurus rex to museum by crowdfunding?

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