Dutch Tyrannosaurus rex excavation in Wyoming

This video is called Tyrannosaurus REX (Extreme Survivor).

Translated from Naturalis museum in the Netherlands:

T. rex expedition 2013

From 29 April / May 18, 2013 Naturalis will excavate a Tyrannosaurus rex. This they will do in Wyoming, USA, in co-operation with the Black Hills Institute. Follow the excavation in this news blog and enjoy this exciting adventure!

Translated from Corine Knoester in the Netherlands:

While searching for a T. rex Naturalis came in contact with T. rex expert Pete Larson of the Black Hills Institute. He pointed out to them a place in Wyoming where a few fragmented but beautiful fossilized bones of the left foot were found. It is usually the small bones that get lost the first and the fact that some of these bones have been found together is one of the promising bits of evidence that the rest of the skeleton is also present.


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