Stop Syria war, demonstration The Hague tomorrow

This video is called HOLLAND: Peace Palace / Vredespaleis – The Hague [HD].

Tomorrow, Saturday 31 August, there will be demonstrations against war on Syria in many places all over the world. Including London, England. Also including The Hague, the Netherlands.

Translation from an e-mail about the The Hague demonstration:

An ad hoc coalition of organizations are organizing a demonstration against intervention in Syria: this Saturday August 31 at 13:00.

Starting point: Peace Palace in The Hague

The demonstration does not take sides [of parties in the Syrian war], but calls for a political solution, for example by starting the interrupted negotiations in Geneva again.

More on Facebook:

Public transport:

From Hollands Spoor railway station:

Tram 1 towards Scheveningen Noorderstrand or
Tram 17 direction Statenkwartier
get off at the Peace Palace

From The Hague Central Station:

Tram 17 direction Statenkwartier
get off at the Peace Palace

From organizers on Facebook (where there is also a map of where the march will be, etc.):

Say “NO!” To War in Syria – Demonstration against foreign military intervention

By Linda Absolon, Ruben Rosenberg Colorni and Thomas van Beersum

Dear Comrades, Colleagues and Friends,

On the early mornings of August 21st, an alleged chemical attack took place in the outskirts of Damascus. It is still largely unclear who is responsible for this act, but the parallels with the prelude to the invasion of Iraq are astounding.

Without any definite proof the Mainstream Media has conveniently manipulated the emotions of millions and used this event to galvanize the public into supporting yet another war of aggression on foreign soil. Not only there are economic and human considerations to make, for the wars will be funded with our money and it will be our children, friends and parents who will be sent to fight on the front lines, but there also are moral and historical ones.

In a situation that is so emotionally intense for those involved or with a personal interest at stake, be it the life of a loved one in Syria or religious belief, it is natural to revert to a dualistic thinking and polarize the conflict between two base camps. In the absence of absolute proof on either side, those of us in foreign lands have no option but to observe the situation from afar and maintain our stance irregardless and independently of the other two positions – that of being against imperialist foreign western intervention.

We are calling on activists in the Netherlands to come together in the organization of a mass demonstration in the country’s seat of politics and diplomacy – The Hague – to demand that foreign governments do not militarily intervene in the Syrian conflicts. Are you a concerned individual or do you represent an activist organization? …

For further information please contact:

Ruben –
Linda –

We will get back to you ASAP.

From the USA: If the British Can Stop Their Government From Waging War in Syria, Why Can’t We? Here.

U.S. military officers have deep doubts about impact, wisdom of a U.S. strike on Syria: here.

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