Syria war threat update

This video from the USA says about itself:

Why Americans are Against War on Syria

30 Aug 2013

In this video Luke Rudkowski documents an anti war protest on August 29th 2013. He asks the protesters why they are protesting, what people should know and what they hope to happen.

US on brink of launching war against Syria based on lies: here.

The war against Syria and American democracy: here.

Britain’s vote against Syrian military action provokes political crisis: here.

The day after the British parliament voted against military action in Syria, French President François Hollande of the Socialist Party (PS) pledged continuing support for the US war drive against Syria, a former French colony. Speaking to Le Monde Friday, he robotically recited the lies concocted to justify the war drive, though they have been shattered by British Prime Minister David Cameron’s humiliating defeat: here.

China warns against a repeat of the Iraq war in Syria: here.

Demonstrations in Germany against Syria war: here.

Israeli peace activist Avnery on Syria: here. (Avnery seems to have learned from the Libya war, which he mistakenly supported).

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