Dutch humpback whale was female

The humpback whale on a Noorderhaaks island sandbar

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

December 18, 2012 5:04 p.m.

Humpback ‘Johannes’ is a female

TEXEL – The humpback whale which stranded and died on a sandbank near Texel was a female.

A spokeswoman for Naturalis Biodiversity Center, which investigates the animal, said so.

The beached whale was at one point called ‘Johannes’. This happened when it was alive and the sex could not yet be determined.

The investigation into the cause of death has not yet come to a conclusion. ”On the outside of the body no damage was found, for example, signs of a collision with a ship. Also, our first examination of the intestines has not established a cause yet” said the spokeswoman.

Samples of the animal will be subjected to microscopic examination.

The whale is called Johanna now, instead of Johannes (John in English).

A photo series is here.

This is a Dutch video about the investigation of the dead humpback whale.

In parliament, Minister Kamp has admitted that the government made mistakes after this whale beached; and that there should be improvements.

Humpback Johanna had ingested plastic: here.

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