Japan whaling illegal, Australian court says

This video is called An encounter with Minke Whales in Pleneau Bay in Antarctica, December 2005.

From the BBC:

Japan whaling illegal, court says

An Australian court has ruled that the activities of the Japanese whaling fleet are illegal and ordered it to halt its operations.

The Federal Court said Japan had broken domestic law by killing whales in Australian waters off Antarctica.

It is not clear what effect the ruling will have, as Japan does not recognise Australia’s Antarctic claim.

But it is likely to raise tensions between the two nations, which are far apart on the issue of whaling.

The Japanese fleet plans to kill about 900 minke whales and 50 fin whales by mid-April as part of what it describes as a scientific research programme.

But Australia and other nations say the research goals could be achieved using non-lethal methods and call the programme a front for commercial whaling.

The case, initially brought in 2004 by the Humane Society against ship operator Kyodo Senpaku Kaisha, was delayed for several years because of fears it could cause a diplomatic row.

Dutch radio on Sea Shepherd vs. whalers in the Antarctic: here.

See also here.

UN’s International Court of Justice rules Japan’s Antarctic whaling programme is not for scientific purposes: here.

Whaling update, March 2008: here.

Humpback whale photo: here.

Japan’s whaling fleet abides by UN ruling and catches no whales: here.

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