Sperm whale, humpback beaching update

Noorderhaaks beached sperm whale today, photo René Pop

After the earlier beaching of a still living humpback whale on Noorderhaaks desert island near Texel island in the Netherlands, today another whale stranded on Noorderhaaks.

It is a male sperm whale. It is about 13 meter long.

As for the humpback, it is still alive, but said to be in a very bad condition. The Dutch government has decided to euthanize the animal with a painkiller tonight.

Ecomare museum which tried to save the whale, getting it swimming again, says this is the government’s decision, not theirs and they are not present near the humpback now. Sea Shepherd protests against the government decision. They say that with painkillers, one cannot euthanize a big whale.


22 thoughts on “Sperm whale, humpback beaching update

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