Dutch humpback whale in Texel harbour

This video is called Humpback Whale Song.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Humpback Johannes in Texel harbour

Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 00:26

Humpback Johannes has been towed to the port of the research institute NIOZ on Texel. Rijkswaterstaat staff made ​​use of the flood and refloated the dead animal, tying its tail to a pontoon boat.

It now floats in the port. Tomorrow a crane will hoist it ashore. There the whale will be investigated by research institute Naturalis.

The humpback whale was confirmed to be dead on Sunday. The animal had stranded last Wednesday on a sandbank. Attempts by Ecomare to rescue the animal had failed.

A photo of the whale being towed is here.

Naturalis museum on the stranded humpback: here.

Ecomare museum on the humpback: here.

This is a Dutch regional TV video, on transporting the dead humpback to Texel.

Update: on Tuesday night, a ship will try to bring the dead sperm whale to the harbour as well.

Sperm whale update: here.

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