Dutch girl murder’s suspect arrested, NOT a refugee

Marianne Vaatstra

In 1999, in Friesland province in the Netherlands, there was the horrible case of Marianne Vaatstra.

This sixteen-year-old girl from Zwaagwesteinde village was raped and murdered. For thirteen years, the police was unable to find out who was the murderer.

Though the police did not know, Rightist media pundits claimed to know. There were refugee camps in Friesland province. Johnny Foreigner must have been Marianne’s rapist and murderer, the xenophobes claimed.

First, there was talk about a refugee from Yugoslavia. Conveniently, at the time when NATO bombed Yugoslavia. Later it was suggested the rapist and murderer was an Iraqi refugee (by, eg, the Katholiek Nieuwsblad, a weekly representing the far Right wing of the Roman Catholic church). Or an asylum seeker from Afghanistan. Again, countries in which the Netherlands, being part of the NATO alliance, participated in wars. The murderer-rapist was non-white. The murderer-rapist was a Muslim, the bigots screamed. The police supposedly had not arrested murderous Johnny Foreigner because of anti-racist “political correctness”.

Police did extensive DNA research around Zwaagwesteinde village. Yesterday, they finally arrested a suspect of the Marianne Vaatstra murder. Was he a Yugoslav? an Iraqi? an Afghan? an African?

No, he was a 45-year old white farm owner living not so far away from the Vaatstra family. 100% DNA match, news sources say.

Will the racists now say they are sorry? Don’t count on it.

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