Welcome subsciber #500, oahuhiking!

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In December last year, my blog was still at Blogsome; where one could not follow blogs like in WordPress.

Then, Blogsome stopped, and I had to move the blog to WordPress.

I am grateful to everyone who started to follow my WordPress blog.

Today, their number has reached the #500 mark.

#500 is oahuhiking, with a fine blog about the nature in Oahu island in Hawaii.

Especially for oahuhiking, a special welcome meal.

It consists of sharkless sharkfin soup.

Edible turtle

Then, vegetarian turtle, the eating of which does not kill any real turtles.

18 thoughts on “Welcome subsciber #500, oahuhiking!

  1. Unlike you, I did not want a word press blog. I felt uncomfortable with them when I learned that one of my former high school people from decades ago was one of the administrators with them. As an writer of books, I had shared one of my books with Word Press. Where I was unwilling to have to financially have the book edited and supplied by Word Press. I was informed that my book needed professional editing for it to be in print. Where a magazine editor recently approached me that he wanted to edit and publish my books in his magazine, instead. I wanted a different outcome on the book that I shared with Word Press and have decided that I do not want that one published. It is far too personal a story and bibligraphy of events pertaining to a very high political problem in the United States at this present time due to discrimination.


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