For whom do I blog?

Blogging, cartoon

Question: Do you see yourself speaking to an audience or is it just a process of setting your own thoughts in order for yourself and it just happens to be publicly viewable?

Answer: Both may apply, dependent on individual entries.

Sometimes I make an entry (partly) to make sure I won’t forget some information, so primarily for myself.

Most entries I make for an audience.

What audience, one can tell on the Internet only afterwards.

On my old ModBlog blog, there was a counter saying from which countries the viewers came.

About half from the United States.

Though quite some from Asian countries; eg, when I posted an item on the Siamese giant catfish.

I don’t have that kind of counter yet on this Blogsome blog [UPDATE: before I moved to WordPress later], so I am not sure from which countries the viewers are now.

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