My blog readers, which links do they click?

Internet links, cartoon

2012 is nearly finished.

A time when many people look back at the past year.

This blog has many links.

On which of these links did visitors of Dear Kitty. Some blog click most in 2012?

WordPress statistics give the answer (OK, it is not completely 2012, as the year still has to finish; and I have included the time after 8 December last year, when my blog moved to WordPress).

URL Clicks 646 401 252 174 170 169 126 117 116 113 95 87–Hague-known.html?ITO=1490 84 73 69 was my old blog site. There are still links to it on this my WordPress blog site. These links do not work any more. I am repairing those links, surely but very slowly 🙂 62 61 59 55 52 52 46 46

6 thoughts on “My blog readers, which links do they click?

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