Questions and answers on this blog, continued

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Question: You say that Anne Frank’s diary changed with circumstances.

Has your method of blogging or attitude to your blog changed over time and how?

Answer: When I first started blogging in 2005, I wrote this.

I still think it sums up my basic views rather well.

Of course, some aspects have changed. When I started, I did not use many RSS feeds as they were still new to me then.

The blog also changed due to the move from ModBlog to Blogsome.

ModBlog was more of a “community” with people reacting to other people’s blogs just because they were fellow ModBloggers.

There were also the options there of a theme song “playing” with a log, etc.

Blogsome does not have these options, but it has better possibilities for categories, including sub-categories, etc. So, easier when searching in archives.

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