Big ancient Chinese coins discovery

This video says about itself:

Chinese Coin Hoard found in UK

Qing dynasty~Shunzhi reign period (1644-1661) Qing dynasty~Kangxi reign period (1662-1722) Qing dynasty~Kangxi reign period (1662-1722) Qing dynasty~Kangxi reign period (1662-1722) Qing dynasty~Kangxi reign period (1662-1722) Qing dynasty~Kangxi reign period (1662-1722) Qing dynasty~Qianlong reign period (1736-1795) Qing dynasty~Jiaqing reign period (1796-1820) Qing dynasty~Daoguang reign period (1821-1850) Restored Le dynasty~Canh Hung reign period (1740-1786) Tay Son dynasty~Canh Thinh reign period (1793- 1801)

Some of the coins are from the Vietnamese empire.

From the Times of India:

Huge quantity of ancient coins found in China

IANS | Dec 30, 2012, 06.11 PM IST

BEIJING: Archaeologists have excavated about 3,500kg of ancient coins in China’s Inner Mongolia Region, Xinhua reported on Sunday. Most of these coins were in prevalence during the Han dynasty (202 BC-220 AD).

According to Lian Jilin, a researcher with the regional Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, the coins were found in three millennia-old coin pits in the ancient town of Huoluochaideng after police cracked three theft cases.

Most of the coins were “Huoquan“, the coins commonly used in the Han dynasty (202 BC-220 AD), said Lian.

Archaeologists also excavated over 100 casting moulds from the relics of a coin workshop. The moulds are believed to date back to the rule of Emperor Wudi (156 BC-87 BC) of the Western Han Dynasty and the short-lived Xin Dynasty (45 BC-23 AD) founded by Wang Mang.

Based on its size and cultural relics uncovered there, Huoluochaideng town is believed to have been a major town in northern China during the Han Dynasty, said Lian.

The findings are significant in the study of the ancient monetary system and casting technology, he added.

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