Who comments most on my blog?

WordPress statistics enable me to find out which fellow bloggers commented the most at Dear Kitty. Some blog recently.

At the moment, about half of the comments are by yours truly. Much of that is backlinks to my own other blog posts, including early blog posts where I am slowly but surely repairing links to my old blog which do not work any more.

Commenter Comments
petrel41 501
Clanmother 68
supernova 28
Waldo “Wally” Tomosky 28
imbuteria 18
Laura 17
Missus Tribble 14

* Based on the 1000 most recent comments


7 thoughts on “Who comments most on my blog?

    • Hi Waldo, the most recent stats of the 1000 latest comments are that you are now alone at #3. Still with 28 comments, but there were no new supernova comments, so supernova is on 26 comments:) I now have less than 500 comments: 499.

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